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Facts and Figures of ZJSU

Established in 1911 as ˇ°Hangzhou Business School"
Renamed in 1980 as ˇ°Hangzhou Institute of Commerce"
Renamed in 2004 as ˇ°Zhejiang Gongshang University"
Students: 33,400, including 400 international students
Faculty and staff: 1989, including 1472 faculty
Library collection: 2.5 million books, 3000 journals & newspapers, over 21,000 digital journals 
Overal floorage: 956,000 square meters, including two libraries (over 55,000 m2), classroom and office buildings (428,000 m2), and dorms (413,000 m2), gyms (4,6000 m2)
Permanent assets: 1.81 billion RMB
Value of the equipments: 2.62 million RMB, including 8572 computers for teaching, multi-media space for 41,888 people (more than the number of students)  

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