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Zhang Naiqi Honors College of Zhejiang Gongshang University was founded in May, 2004.Based on its teaching resources of the finest quality, Zhejiang Gongshang University founded in May 2004 an honors college focusing on cultivating outstandingly innovative undergraduates. Named after Sir Zhang Naiqi, one of the “seven gentlemen?in the time of Anti-Japanese War, and also a famous economist and an excellent alumnus of Zhejiang Gongshang University, the college is made up of elite undergraduates. So far, the college boasts 450 undergraduates, 5 faculties and 59 mentors. 358 students had graduated by the end of July 2011.

The cultivation system of Zhang Naiqi Honors College can be divided into two pats, with the first one being basis education, and the second one being professional knowledge education. In the first part, which is the first two academic years, courses are especially designed to aim at laying students a solid and comprehensive foundation. Teachers with both expertise and experiences are hired, and the best instruction and cultivation are given. During the second part, which focuses on professional knowledge education, students are to choose their majors from social science including economics and management. They are also free to choose their mentors, who will be closely involved in their individual academic development in the following two years.

The college is conducting a credit system. Any one ranking top 50% of the whole grade can apply for the next academic year’s courses. Students who achieve all the credits have the privilege to graduate ahead of time.

The students of Zhang Naiqi Honors College enjoy a privilege in using computer resources, internet resources, library and laboratory. Extra 30% students are granted with scholarship comparing to other colleges. An honors certificate is granted to each student graduated from the college.

Zhang Naiqi Honors College (ZHC)


Prof. Xu Feng


Zhang Naiqi Honors College initiated a pilot project in 2004 which "mixes" freshmen from different schools and colleges into an elite class, where the strength of ZJSU’s Economics and Business Administration courses can be combined with.


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